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This help is built-in to BTInterface and is on the website under the Help button if you prefer to view it on a larger screen.

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Getting Started

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Step by Step for the Arduino, PC or Laptop

Have fun even without bluetooth!

Can I test it?

Help with Bluetooth

Text to Speech

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BTInterface is an app for your Android device that allows you to control any micro controller device or PC, Laptop or just about anything that has Bluetooth!

And vice versa! You control BTInterface from your micro controller device or PC, Laptop.

You can do some cool things without a controller, please see the Can I test it? link for more, but mostly it is designed to work as a Bluetooth Interface.

There are whole communities using easy-to-program, cheap micro controller devices to make cool doohickeys.

One of the easiest ways to get started =

Note: it’s .cc not .com

BTInterface is an exciting but brand-new application which I am constantly working on to perfect.

Previous versions have been terribly buggy sorry about that, many of the bugs I've only known about since aquiring a tablet.

I am striving to craft a decent app for you to use with your projects.

Please be gentle with me in the reviews :)

Have a look at a Typical Usage Description.

Please join the forum at

Let your comments and ideas shape the future of BTInterface.

To use BTInterface your Android device must have Bluetooth and your micro controller device must have a serial Bluetooth module or shield and your PC or Laptop or Raspberry Pi must have either a bluetooth module built-in or otherwise or a bluetooth dongle.

BTInterface Features include:

SMS Send and receive Text Messages from your device and act on the incoming texts!

You could easily make a text sending and receiving module for your corporate or home network this way! Keep watching on our website.

TTS Text to speech allows your device to speak messages! How cool is that when your project actually tells you stuff.

Sound Effects

Background working

I hope to be able to make BTInterface so that it can look more or less like the developer of the device programmed it themselves (which to a certain degree they do anyway, although the user will be able to see this help text). So the developer can sell the device and just give instructions to the users to download BTInterface to control it!

I anticipate that the first users of BTInterface will all be developers of micro controller devices, followed by people who purchase these micro controlled devices and download BTInterface to control them.

BTInterface has screens with buttons that can be easily configured by your device for controlling your device functions.

Dynamically control screens, buttons, labels etc. Actually dynamically control just about every aspect of BTInterface!

There’s a forum at for discussing issues, requesting new screens and functions for future versions etc.

Getting Started ← Click this link

You first need to pair your microprocessor device with Bluetooth.

This can be as easy as just clicking on the discover button, choosing your device and then entering 1234 as the PIN.

Usually pressing your Android device’s back button will get you out of any difficulty.

Click the above link to go to the Getting Started Help Page for more information.

Help with Bluetooth ← click

Bluetooth can be a bit tricky at times. Click the above link to learn more.

Text to Speech ← click

Your microprocessor device can send commands that causes BTInterface to speak!

This can be a little tricky to set up. Click the above link for more.

Sound Effects ← click

Your microprocessor device can issue the sfx command to your Android device that causes BTInterface to play a selection of sound effects!

Click on the above link for more info and a list of the currently included sound effects.

Using SMS ← click

If your Android device has phone capabilities then BTInterface gives your microprocessor device or PC , Laptop the ability to send SMS (short message services) messages and also to receive and act on incoming SMS!

Remotely control your remote controlled device! How cool is that!

Click on the above link for more.

See our support website and user forums at:

for more in-depth help and advice with sections for micro controllers, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, CubLoc, Pcs, Laptops etc.

I know you’re going to have a lot of fun with BTInterface :)

I wrote BTInterface using the excellent Basic4android development system. B4a is just as good as Java, you can sell your apps online but its so much easier to get to grips with.

Its like VB for Android!

I have some great tips on how you may be able to get more than 50% off the price of B4a! Have a look at my forum thread Get big discounts off Basic4android to program your own Apps